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2013-05-12, 01:19
Is there an easy way in Debian to roll a package version back to the CD version? With OpenVAS broken by the last update, I just need to get my system functional again.

2013-05-13, 08:50
You will have to remove new installed packages and reinstall the older versions.

2013-05-13, 17:24
I tried that, but the only version seen is the new version, and the new version won't install because of gsd version incompatibiliies.

2013-05-14, 07:13
When removing a package, try the "apt-get purge ..." command, that should get rid of all traces of the package that way you can install the one you want.

2013-05-14, 22:43
Uninstall the package: aptitude purge "package"

I still see many many people misunderstanding the "purge" option with remove option.

The "remove" option will uninstall (remove) the package.
The "purge" option will uninstall (remove) the package and will remove the configuration files (/etc) and the "man" to that package at the data base if applicable.

Just read the "man aptitude" in a terminal.

I still do not understand people using the "remove" and "purge" commands at the same time within the aptitude command...??????

Then install it: aptitude install "package"="version"

Hope it helps.

2013-05-15, 17:39
I have the package nuked, the problem is that the only version that shows up is the broken one- there's no way to go back to the base version as far as I can tell when using the repositories listed in the FAQ. I haven't been able to re-download a clean image to try to burn a CD to use as a source, which seems to be the most likely way to get the old packages. That is to say the only version of OpenVAS that exists as far as my system can tell is 1.1. That's the broken version. If someone in this thread can give me a version= that will roll it back to the base install version, I'd be over the moon,

Here's what I get:

~# apt-show-versions -a openvas
Not installed
openvas 1.1 kali http.kali.org
openvas 1.1 kali-dev http.kali.org
openvas not installed

See- only the broken version is there. I'm not the only one reporting this issue, so I'm fairly comfortable that it's a general problem, not a reflection of my lack of Debian foo.

2013-05-15, 22:12
this will roll openvas back to version 5