View Full Version : Rendering issues in Kali Linux

2021-03-18, 13:08
I am using a Kali Linux live persistence drive. my system is MSI GL62M 7RD and has a GEFORCE GTX 1050 graphics card. I intend to install the NVIDIA drivers for better performance. But there are two issues -1. Can I actually install NVIDIA drivers in a persistence drive ? My understanding is I cant as update-initramfs cannot be run on live persistence drive. 2. My system is having some occasional freezes - momentary for a few seconds. When I look into the task manager I see the rendered for different browsers consuming a lot of CPU. /opt/browser name/ browser-name --type - rendered --field trial-/usr/lib/min/min --type=rendered -- field-trial- /usr/lib/min/min --type= gpu-process --field trial - what can be an alternate workaround to fix these freezes ? I am using XFCE and Light DM. Will some other session and/or display manager further smooth en my experience ?