View Full Version : kali admin password

2021-03-21, 23:46

I am new to Kali and I am using it to learn hack the box with a group from meetup. I am trying to follow the step by step on htb, and I'm stuck trying to get my vpn to work through terminal. According to the styep by step instructions from htb, all i need to do is type sudo openvpn "file name.ovpn" and Im having a hard time getting it to work, meaning it request admin password, but the passwords i used wont work. I reached out to my teacher and he suggested trying toor, but that failed. I also tried the kali logon info i used to setup the VM, and that's not working either. Any suggestions? Maybe someone can point me in the right direction to read on some materials to ge t a bettegr understanding or some advice. ty