View Full Version : Detect Network Hardware Issue during KALI installation.

2021-03-27, 16:35
I have downloaded kali 2021 version, during installation there is a problem with detect network hardware, shows some missing firmware, even the older versions had similar problems.

Can any one help get around this.

i have tried ways from different forums tried sourcing files individually, nothing has worked so far. I am using dell xps 15 laptop. Due to this i can not install the os as base operating system. Successful Installation of Kali works only if i use USB Tether internet connection from mobile, how ever WIFI does not work post installation, the terminal title bar are extremely small , fonts change size but terminal title bar and text in preference tab, close minimize maximize restore are barely readable with as little distance as 2 feet away screen.

may be its not the right way to say it but i am unable use network manager for trouble shooting. however, when i install it in the virtual box using windows as a base operating system, inside virtual box installation is a breeze. Anyone help on this topic, please?