View Full Version : Character set to console

2021-04-07, 14:40
I tried installing Kali Linux to a Samsung Galaxy Tablet yesterday and it got installed. Then I updated it OK and then upgraded it. It started out well but I got to the stage where it said

"Character set to console" (without the quotation marks) and I was stumped.

I tried loads of combinations from a dozen different sources on the Internet but none would work and it kept asking.

By the way I was following 'Null Bytes' video on this instalation and watched the video as I was installing Kali but I couldn't see a problem with his install, even when it got to the same part I was stuck on.

Has any one else tried to install Kali to an un-rooted Android Tablet or phone and tried to upgrade it. Perhaps someone can tell me what I should have input there.

Many Thanks.