View Full Version : how to use tweak tool after install?...

2013-05-12, 10:49
hello again, i have installed tweak tool succesfully now i think, only problem is, how do i enter it Oo---

i have been trying to run the install command for it, again, just to make sure, and it told me it was installed, so im a little bit lost, it is a program for design your own theme, right?..

or am i more lost than i was before?, and if so, how to enter the **** program, i cannot find it anywhere on my laptop haha x)...

hoping someone can help me a little bit out here soon, thanks alot! :)...

2013-05-12, 11:37
If it is really installed and you still can't find tweak-tools, just open a terminal and type gnome-tweak-tool and it should open.

2013-09-22, 15:09
where get themes to him a?