View Full Version : Installing Kali, Ubuntu all versions

2021-04-21, 13:13
I have tried to install Kaki live, desktop and virtual machine and Ubuntu all 64 bit on my computer which is
CPU Ryzen 3 3600 with 32gb ram I use a a single harddrive for Virtual box which is a 500gb ssd.
All said the instalation completed successfully but returned a blackscreen with the log. In the case of ubuntu it checked all drives which were ok and then just returned a blackscreen.
After many many tries with same result I decided to try the 32 bit version of kali. It installed straight away without problem. Tried the same with Ubuntu 32 bit same thing installed straight away.
The question I have is why is 32bit installing when 64 bit wont. My system shows 64 bit and windows is also up to date win 10 and 64 bit.