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2021-04-26, 05:13
1. For best security & privacy,

1) which internet browser (except Tor and Firefox ESR) do you recommend on my Kali Linux 2020.3?

2) Does Kali Linux need additional antivirus or firewall installed?

2. Does Kali Linux need TLP?

3. Can I install and use the Kali Linux 2020 and Security Onion together on one laptop of i3-7100U + 4GB RAM + 128GB HDD?

4. theHarverster worked good at first for a while, but soon it stopped working.

No users found.
No IPs found.
No emails found.
No hosts found.

with some other complicated error.

How can I solve this issue next time?

2021-05-05, 22:10
1- chromium
2- No

Andi Jones
2021-12-14, 13:24
TLP is a useful tool for laptops powered by Linux operating systems.