View Full Version : Kali-Win-Kex WSL -- need help understanding the "display environmental variable"

2021-04-26, 17:27
Hi folks,

I am working on a Python program that depends on some libraries that are only Linux compatible and other libraries that are only Windows compatible, and I am hoping that some of the inherent difficulties therein will be solved using the Kali-Win-Kex "seamless" set-up. So far, everything seems to have installed and is functioning properly. The issue I am running into is that programs are noticing the lack of a "display environmental variable." Is this something I can/should set manually in the shell, or is this something that is more of a Kex setting? With the current set-up, my display is :0, per the ush, and I can open xclock just fine. I tried a different gui program (thunderbird) and got the same display related error. I guess I am a little confused about why the programs squawk about no display when Xorg has the display clearly set to :0. The library I am working with, fyi, is pyautogui, which sends virtual keyboard and mouse signals. It works both on Linux and Windows, however, the pygetwindows methods only work on Windows.

Any advice would be great -- thanks! (And if this question would be better posed in a different forum, please kindly let me know).

-- Matt