View Full Version : Kali Linux can't boot because of unsuccessfull mount

2021-04-28, 20:41
Hello everyone, I have Kali Linux dualboot with Windows 10. Besides 2 ext4 partitions, I also have 3 ntfs ones. I'm facing a weird problem when booting to Kali - I often cannot boot to Kali and I get into an emergency mode. When I press enter, I see what the problem is about - one of my ntfs partitions can't mount from fstab. I realized that "systemctl reboot" works all the time and after that kali boots normally, all my partitions including this one are readable and writeable. It's just annoying that I have to reboot my system to make it work. I checked my fstab file, no errors - all additional partitions are mount with default settings to a existing directory. Also, the ntfs partition which doesn't mount is the same all the time (other 2 ntfs and 2 ext4 mount). I also disabled Windows "fast startup" feature and disabled hibernation. It's also worth mentioning that this doesn't happen all the time - it does boot successfully at the 1st time very often. Does anyone know how to solve it and where's the problem? Thanks in advance!