View Full Version : Expert advice and input wanted. Kali thru Whonix in Vbox. (Win10)

2021-04-30, 14:38
What?s y?all?s opinion on running Kali in VirtualBox thru the Whonix Gateway? My wifi is slow so I can understand the slow response but it?s I feel as if it?s constantly ?damaging? itself. I originally had the processor slide at ?4? with 3GB of Ram to run alongside (Whon. Gateway slide was at ?3? @ 1GB). When I got off the VMs and Vbox and came back my display driver had been erased AGAIN, and it was a pain in the *** to get it to update and install back the 2nd time around. Also, I?m always having to ?CHOWN? and ?Apt-get update? my user Kali account every time I close the Tor Browser window. I?m constantly losing permissions and updates. Usually for the same files.

I have since then turned my slides down to ?3 Pr. @ 2 GB Ram? and brought down Whonix Gateway all the way to ?1 Pr. @ 640 MB? and it seems to run a lot better? It?s still losing constant connection to the server and having to update every 20 minutes, occasionally will delete and redownload Tor just so I don?t rip my hair out. That being said, its definitely more ?stable? than it was before. I refuse to believe a slow connection could create so many problems. With Whonix Workstation, I was dealing with 0 issues surfing thru Tor.

Could I have something in my settings dialed wrong? I did have to reset the display on my Root account, I had no idea changing a couple display settings and icons could make a wreck. My vision is just terrible and I wanted to have a more ?zoomed? and colorful display. Learned my lesson there as well... Would this be a Kali, Whonix, or Vbox issue? I figured I?d start with you guys since Kali is the VM Im trying to get functioning properly. For reference, I have a 64bit Ryder 5 Processor holds 8GB of RAM with a 256 GB SSD. Ideapad 3, 15-inch.

Forgive me if I didn?t explain well or am missing an important part that you guys would need to help me begin troubleshooting. I didn?t want it to be so long and no one answer. I have a very limited knowledge in the tech industry, (I am a Journeyman Plumber) but have recently gained much interest in my protecting my data and anonymity, and also would like to learn JavaScript as well, constructive criticism is wanted as well.

Any input to troubleshoot would be much appreciated. I appreciate it if you made it this far. Cheers!