View Full Version : Welp, my 8187L finally broke. Does anyone make a high-sensitivty adapter?

2021-07-20, 22:20
I've scoured the web and I couldn't find a single review of wifi adapters testing receive sensitivity less than 10 years old. Instead there is just a giant haystack of worthless click bait non-reviews.

The old 8187L stats:
Typical Receiver Sensitivity w/ 11b rates (PER < 0.08, nominal temps)
-96 dBm @ 1M
-91 dBm @ 11M
Typical Receiver Sensitivity w/ 11g rates (PER < 0.10, nominal temps)
-91 dBm @ 6M (BPSK)
-85 dBm @ 9M (BPSK)
-82 dBm @ 12M (QPSK)
-81 dBm @ 18M (QPSK)
-80 dBm @ 24M (16-QAM)
-78 dBm @ 36M (16-QAM)
-76 dBm @ 48M (64-QAM)
-71 dBm @ 54M (64-QAM)

Of course, the 8187L is old as **** and lacks N.

I bought a NH adapter and it didn't work as well in the field. Does anything on the market even come close to touching the ancient 8187L? The closest I've seen is the Atheros AR9271.