View Full Version : difference between kernel8-alt.img and kernel8l-alt.img?

2021-08-23, 19:39
Been booting kernel8l-alt.img on my Raspi4-8GB for ages, as that's what the config.txt suggested.

Lately, however, after doing an apt upgrade, apt always get this message:

Newer kernel available

The currently running kernel version is 5.4.83-Re4son-v8l+ which is not the expected kernel version 5.4.83-Re4son-v8+.

Restarting the system to load the new kernel will not be handled automatically, so you should consider rebooting.

Of course, these are the same version numbers, the difference being the v8+ vs v8l+, which I assume corresponds to the kernel8-alt.img vs. kernel8l-alt.img.

So is the kernel8l-alt.img obsolete, now? Is the system wrong?
Anyone has an answer?

Doesn't seem like these forums are particularly active...

2021-09-09, 17:34
There's no answer, but I can say this: there's a bug somewhere.
For shits and giggles I tried to modified /boot/config.txt to load kernel8-alt.img instead of kernel8l-alt.img, and that resulted in the system NOT booting, so obviously I changed it back.
But, while this kernel is active, after each run of apt upgrade I get the lovely warning attached below...


So it would be nice if
a) the differences between these kernels were documented somehow
b) the system wouldn't think it's running the wrong kernel, when in fact it's running the only kernel that's actually bootable.