View Full Version : Text2Crack Program to creat wordlist from a ext file

2021-08-28, 15:30
I was having problems to find a good pt_BR wordlist. So, I decided to work on a tool to do it and ended up with this solution:

* Find pt_BR books already as txt file or convert it to txt.
* Made a program on Gambas IDE which reads the txt file and creates a wordlist, sorted and with no duplicates.

I attached a zip file with the Gambas source code and a file named "check_file".

In order to test it you must:

* Have Gambas >= 3,16 installed
* Unzip the file with the project code and the "check_file" file and chmod +x this last one.
* Get a good text file in order to create your wordlist
* Run the project using Gambas IDE

I shared the source code for two reasons:

1 - For everyone verify it before running
2 - To experienced programmers help on the source code, as I am not.