View Full Version : Preliminary question - install os type

2021-08-28, 23:20
Hello everyone.
I had a quick look at the docs, and still didn't understand which kind of OS will it be installed by flashing Kali.
In particular, I wonder if is it (either):
- A full customized Android image
- An App for Android
- A full Linux distro which replaces Android (like PostMarketOS)

And I'm also wondering, in the last case, will I still have phone functionality?

I'm planning an installation on a OnePlus Nord.

Thanks in advance for any help.

2021-09-11, 13:39
I changed my mind, unsure if I'll install rootless on my Samsung device or don't install at all: afterall, I wouldn't use it too much.
Oh, and I got the idea myself (my question's reply)