View Full Version : Total War Warhammer 2 in Kali linux

2021-08-31, 10:23
Hello, I have a problem, ... I decided to experiment, I installed Steam client at Kali, because I love to play Total War. And it seems everything works .. But when I reboot the system, the system does not load, a black screen appears:

--- BUSYBOX ...
<initramfs> ...

Further, to cure it, and again log in, I have to restore non-working EXT4 superblocks, I use these commands:

Sudo Fdisk -l | Grep Linux | grep -ev 'swap'
Sudo Dumpe2fs / Dev / SDA2 | Grep Superblock
Sudo FSCK -B 98304 / DEV / SDA2 -Y

As a result, I restore the system .. But the problem occurs again when I run Total War in Steam ..