View Full Version : i need help. with linux in virtualbox.

2021-09-01, 14:57
soo this is my first time and i saw some tutorials and i already contacted a guy about the problem but he doesnt know what to do.
i already treied the 2021.1 live.iso 64bit and the 2020.2 installer 64bit it happends the same. when the download is compleat it appear a black scren with an underline i tought that was weird so i went to the storage and the image disapeard and i put it again and i downloaded again and it happened again so i downloaded the 2020.2 installer 64 bit and i tried and it happened the same so i am kinda sad cuz i tried very much and it stil dont work. i already have windows 7 windows xp and metasploitable and this never happend to me.can u help me pls?:) i am using oracle VM Virtual Box in a windows 10 pc.

2021-09-02, 01:25
You could try the OVA file that is built for Virtualbox. All you have to do is click on it to load it and you're ready to go.