View Full Version : Kali live USB with persistence questions

2021-09-02, 01:09
I have been working on a little project that I am having trouble with. I am trying to create a live USB of Kali that I can plug in when I need to use it for whatever. I am a cyber security student and have a competition coming up through the school where I will need to use several of the tools built into Kali.

What I would like to do is to create an actual live USB. I use Rufus to flash my USB drive and I use the option for persistence. What happens is that the drive is setup with 2 different partitions, one that is 4.3 GB give or take for Kali and the rest of the drive is for persistence. I would really like to be able to update Kali as well as add additional tools as I go but since the partition is only big enough for the OS, I keep getting error messages that the disk is out of space.

I want to be able to install updates and add the extra tools as well as have the persistence option available. Essentially run Kali like it would be on a hard drive but keep it on a USB drive.

Is this possible? I am using a 16 GB USB drive currently. If I need a larger one that is not a problem. I don't think the size of the drive is the issue, I think the issue is the size of the partition when I flash the OS to the USB drive.


2021-10-25, 19:32
Slpit it down the middle 50/50