View Full Version : Kali on RPi 4b display resolution show only 592x448

2021-09-06, 09:50
I installing Kali Linux on my Raspberry Pi 4b 8GB and connected to HDMI0 port with Acer ED242QR.

I have issue where my display resolution only show one option 592x448. Refresh rate showing only one option too 0.0 Hz. Also there is black border around the display image showing up on my screen. I trying multiple on hdmi_group and hdmi_mode but it doesn't help.

I need help on this. Can anyone help me?

2021-09-09, 17:26
Sorry, can't help, but I'm curious because it might be related to a problem I'm having: are you talking about a fresh install, or did that happen after a software update?

The reason I'm asking, I have an issue with xrdp, which worked flawlessly for well over a year, and after some recent software updates (can't pin down which ones :( ) now still successfully connects, but displays garbled bitmaps, as if there were a virtual screen resolution mismatch. Direct console logon with a LG LCD projector as "screen" (1280x720) does still work, and the issue is independent of the RDP viewer used. So I'm trying to figure out if your issue is a hardware compatibility matter related to HDMI screen resolution reporting, or if there somewhere a bug that results in screen resolutions being improperly reported, which could also affect xrdp.