View Full Version : Using Thunar On KDE, Terminal Wont Open In Thunar

2021-09-09, 19:15
Hi, i wanted to use Thunar and Mousepad on KDE But Terminal Wont Open Via Thunar,
Its probably happening because of a non existing category named "TerminalEmulator"
And i dont know how to fix it, maybe i could get some help, here is the error code

Failed to launch preferred application for category "TerminalEmulator"
Could Not find fallback application "TerminalEmulator"

2021-09-16, 10:26
I have Gnome and KDE on my Debian, but 98 of the time I use GnomeI love the look and feel of Gnome, but also Im a big fan of some KDE apps that I use on Gnome like Kopete, Kate, Amarok and K3B.

2021-09-22, 15:46
You have to edit thunar and replace terminalemulator with konsole