View Full Version : USB and Micro SD both rendered to 700KB total disk size?

2021-09-11, 00:11
I tried the live install on both SD and USB.. It flashed fine, but i cant boot from SD, SO i flashed to USB and it booted fine.. However the total disk space is now only 700 KB on the Micro SD which was 128GB and the install that works on the 64gb SB is only 700KB.. I tried to reformat the SD card and it will not go beypnd 700Kb and as of now i have 0 space on the 64gb USB, but the install works.. Does this make sense? THe USB loaded with Linux is not visible to windows, and it keeps wanting to format it. But when its running as linux its less than a MB? THe Flash went Fine, It just seems that i have lost mucho GBs

Any help is greatly appreciated