View Full Version : crypto and Lvm manually install Kali Linux

2021-09-14, 06:45
I've been trying to get Kali Linux installed with crypto and Lvm, but I ended up with a busted initramfs when using live installation.
Is there a workaround to install it with crypto + Lvm such as chrooting and building the system?


I figured out the problem. kali linux creates a name for your luks container, which slipped my mine because I am so used to creating everything from scratch. Mine was mmcblk1p1x_crypto.
Booted the live installation and ran these commands:
cryptsetup open /dev/mmcblk1p1x mmcblk1p1x_crypto
*mounted my lvms and boot*
chrooted /the/chroot/enviroment

mount -t efivarfs efivarfs /sys/firmware/ <-- I think didn't work outside the environment
apt full-upgrade
grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot --bootloader-id=GRUB
grubmkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
update-initramfs <-- Just in case

rebooted and it worked.

2021-09-16, 19:38
I figured out the reason why it was creating a busted init. When I chrooted the crypto device, the installer already created a name for it, and that idea slipped past my head because I am so use to compiling,building everything from scratch. Example: cryptsetup open /dev/mmcblk1px kali