View Full Version : Computer on the same internet box.

2021-09-17, 07:41
Hello, I am new (and french) so sorry if my message annoys you. I have just installed Kali and don't know what to do with it. I have read a lot about kali on the internet but I can't find what I hope for.

Here is what I want to do : I want to hack (just read the text that is typed) a computer which is on the same internet box (by internet box I mean the modem) that me. Of course I have physical access of this second computer, but I would like to hack it from my computer. Can you help me? I don't know how to do it. Can you give me a link where it explains how to hack a computer on the same internet box?

2021-09-28, 18:40
How did you install kali linux?
On the computer itself or as a virtual machine?
If it was in the virtual machine was it with network in nat or bridge mode?

2021-12-03, 15:10
I am also having the same problem! Please if anyone answer