View Full Version : Help with installing Kali on chromebook

2021-10-06, 21:10
I have chromebook flip c100p and would like to install Kali on 64 gb micro USB since the chromeOS is EOL.

I have gone through this page and related pages - https://www.kali.org/docs/arm/asus-chromebook-flip/ .

I have Kali running off USB on my desktop, trying to use the Kali ARM build script for this chromebook to create img file but I cant figure it out.

The example in the readme is:
cd ~/
git clone https://gitlab.com/kalilinux/build-scripts/kali-arm
cd ~/kali-arm/
sudo ./common.d/build_deps.sh
sudo ./rpi.sh

The build script for this chromebook is "chromebook-veyron.sh"

So how do I adjust the example to make it work for this chromebook. I tried replaceing build_dps.sh with chromebook-veyron.sh with no luck and some other permutations.

2022-05-07, 02:05
I think you should replace "rpi.sh" with "chromebook-veyron.sh" since the example in kali's git lab is about Raspberry Pi device but you're trying to build it for Asus Chromebook c100p device.