View Full Version : Custom Kernel needed for Redmi 5 (rosy)?

2021-10-15, 11:44

i'm trying to put a NetHunter working in my previous phone.. a Xiaomi Redmi 5 (rosy)... I'm not sure if this is really need or possible (and if it is if i have to build a specific kernel for it)..

I have NetHunter over a Lineage OS 18.1 port (from XDA user baunilla) with Magisk/root (23.0:MagiskSU) - Linux Kali 4.9.227-perf+ #1 SMP PREEMPT Oct12 aarch64 - BB 1.30.1-osm0sis

I had some troubles even installing the chroot/image (most of the times gave me an error because the hash of the download files didn't got right.. in the full and lite image downloaded via nethunter install option).. i had to get an image directly from Kali site and install a Magisk module (KaliNetHunter) so i could get this to at least get chroot and some functions.. not sure if that's the reason why somethings not working and not sure if should wipe all this and start over again (but with the walkthrough in Nethunter page i could not get it even to run besides "Kali CHroot Manager"..

I was looking in some threads in the forum and i get that to build a kernel for a specific module need to know the SOC and get a kernel source tree for it, right?
I saw a github that some forum admin indicated for xiaomi sources but there's no kernel for this there..

Redmi 5 (rosy) has a SDM450

I tried several things and gived up sometimes.. i guess i'm trying again until another give up :)
(sorry for possible mistakes but not an english native)