View Full Version : Raspberry Pi not showing any IP

2021-10-26, 20:33
Hey guys,

I'm a total beginner user of the Raspberry pi. So I watched some YouTube videos to help me out. As shown in videos, I downloaded the Kali ARM image from https://www.kali.org/get-kali/#kali-arm, flashed it into the sd card that came with my pi 3, connected it to my laptop via LAN cable, powered the pi up but it doesn't show its IP if I type ''arp -a'' in cmd.

One time I was successful to found the IP, also connected it through putty & logged in also (Don't know if that was luck or not :rolleyes:). But when I tried the same thing the next morning, it wasn't working. Since then I was not able to use it anymore

If it doesn't show any IP, then how I'm supposed to connect it through putty? Any advice?