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2021-10-27, 00:18
Hi, I have a Kali Linux 2021.3 Live USB with Encrypted Persistence. I want to clone it to my Windows 11 Hard Disk. SSD. I can Mount the Windows Samsung EVO 860. From my Kali Live USB. I can't Mount my WD 1TB. Because it's formatted ReFS. My Live USB doesn't recognize it. But it does show up in "fdisk -l." I would rather Clone it to the WD 1TB. It has more space than the 500GB Samsung SSD. (Boot.) So is it possible? Clonezilla? "dd"? Also, if I use "dd sdc > sda", will it erase my Windows 11? Do I need to create a Partition on my C: SSD? Shrink? To Clone my Kali Live USB? Format ext4? Or can I just Clone it to sdaX? I don't want to have to reinstall Windows. Or have it delete anything. On my SSD. I have a lot on it. So can it be done? Please reply. Thanks

2021-10-29, 18:50
I'm back...I decided to buy a cheap USB 2.0 256GB. And Clone to it. Will that work?

2021-11-03, 00:21
Good plan clonzilla or dd should do it

2021-11-09, 23:32
Hey there! I recently switched my HP laptop, with an SSD and Windows 11 to Kali. I did it two different ways before I settled on a final install. First, using Rufus I created a bootable USB with the Live Image (Note: You may need another PC running Windows). Just booting Kali Live from a USB requires turning OFF Secure Boot and for simplicity's sake, switching the boot order so USB is first.If you want to install Kali on your hard drive and not have a Dual-Boot with Windows, Launch Kali Live (no-persistance), open GParted, format your main partition, then (this is where the 2nd PC comes in or you could image another USB with the Installer Image), if you do not have a bootable Installer Image, get one and boot it. You will be presented with the Install Screen Graphical Install, Automated Install, etc.
I hope that helps!

2021-11-10, 11:54
How did you get on Mike? I'm, interested as I am learning how to do something similar and I found these forums to help.

Gparted works well, as I used windows partition manager to partition my D drive, then installed Kali and Grub, partitioned again and then installed Parrot OS. I had to increase the size of Kali image as it was 40gb in size and my partition was 40gb and I had a lot of trouble getting the kali image to see the partition size of 100gb.

If anyone is having trouble with resizing the partition

How to Resize a Live Filesystem on Linuxhttps://www.***********************a-MeH95ei1g

2021-11-10, 16:46
You can also use systemback as well. However, I had problems when my system was encrypted. When it wasnt it worked fine. So maybe not the way to go if you are encrypted.