View Full Version : Uninstalling Kali Linux from D Drive-Windows 10 Home OS

2021-10-29, 19:25
Hello Everyone
Kali, IT and cybersecurity is all new to me. I am a currently a student that was asked by my professor to download Kali to my laptop as a practice lab. I downloaded it yesterday and experienced some issues with it working with my Oracle virtual box. So I deleted the virtual box and now I am trying uninstall Kali from my Windows 10 Home laptop but I cannot. It is under my D drive as Kali Linux amd64 Basic CDFS (Healthy, Primary Partition) 3.13 GB as a disc image. I cannot figure out how to remove it and that is not an option under disk management. Being that I am IT newbie and my laptop is fairly new. I really do not want to do something to damage it or cause issues because of not knowing what I am doing.
Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you and have a great day!