View Full Version : Confused on building custom ISO's easy question?

2021-11-08, 20:02
So I have read the documentation on building Kali custom images and am confused about some things. So I want to create a custom image that is completely set up how I want it. By that I mean I want to have certain programs installed completely and updated. Heres where I am confused, when you download a kali iso from the internet and install it, you update it and upgrade. Usually, like 500 packages need upgrading. Well if I am creating my own ISO and lets say I install Greenbone OpenVAS on it update and upgrade and then create a custom ISO will it require downloading packages from the internet for Greenbone to be set up an working? Obviously, things like this would make the image a lot bigger but is that how making the ISO works and if not is there a way to make it so that it will work like that?

2022-01-18, 18:05
Hey there :)

What you want is a custom iso, with the packages included in the iso, so this link is a good place to start


Remember there's a difference between what get's installed, and what's in a "live iso", but read the dev docs and you'll get it in time :)

Much Happy Custom Development, and have fun :)

2022-01-18, 18:17
Opps, sorry. reread the post, and let me try to elaborate a bit.

How I do it, is using a build script, and a custom package list. That way, the packages I want included in the image get's included, and the config files i make, get's included, so that way I have a base image with the newest updates, and the packages I need everyday, and some config files / scripts i depend on.
BUT, this image is NOT up to date, it's updated at the date it was build. So, you can'r really avoid updating it when it runs, but it can be a good thing, depending on what you're trying to do.

So, I usually build new desktop / server images every 3 months, and if I need special case isos, they get build when I need them, usually a day or two before deployment.

So, it really depends on what you need,how you deploy them, that I don't know, so if you like to tell me more about that, maybe I have some advice :)