View Full Version : Kali Linux and screen resolution

2021-11-15, 08:16
I've had a MacBook Pro retina where I tried to install Kali Linux as the main OS. There was a problem with the screen resolution that made the icons and everything tiny and unreadable. When I tried to change the screen resolution there were no options for this, and when I tried to do it via cli, the screen went black. I tried to Google the problem and there were several others that reported the same problem with installing Kali on Mac with Retina. My question now is in regard to buying a new computer. Ive found one that seems to fit my needs, but it has a has a WQXGA screen, with the same screen resolution as the retina screen (2560x1600). So I'm wondering if this will result in the same issues that I had with the Mac. Does anyone know the answer to this? I'm not 100% sure what caused the problem with the Mac, and therefor am unsure if the new laptop I found will have the same problem.