View Full Version : RP4 B 4Gb+touchscreen lcd 3.5"+Kali 2021.3 64bts

2021-11-15, 17:50
I have a raspberry 4 and a 3.5" touch screen lcd with raspbian and recently I decided to install the latest version of kali linux(2021.3) for ARM systems, its version for raspbberry 4 64 bits.I install it in the SD, I connect it to the raspberry and the screen turns white at first (the screen is connected by GPIO), I go through SSH and I put the configuration of the screen and everything is perfect, it restarts and they already begin to get things out on the screen.The problem is that it is only in console mode, I remember that in 2019 I did it and it was with the graphic environment that I could use it, but in this latest version there is no way.I installed to connect by remote from W10 and without problem, I get the perfect graphical desktop environment, but in the raspberry itself with the screen there is no way.Anyone know any solution?Thanks