View Full Version : God I hope im posting correctly...in recovery mode..

2021-11-18, 19:22
hello all. I was on night before last everything fine. I went to boot yesterday and bunch stuff on scree as i had to go into recxovery but message read as follows...cannot open access to console, the root account is locked. See sulogin(8) man page for more details. i dont know if this is why i had to go in recovery mode or not. on regular boot to black screen with cursor upper left and does nothing
HP M01 F0020 us
Kali linux bare metal (installed from live boot usb) 2 weeks ago roughly...
500 gb ssd
1 tb hdd standby drive
16 gb memory
amd ryzen 3
was running fine til yesterday...it says sonmething in the screen output about bluetooth added... I thought maybe my neighbor was trying to gain access again by using bluetooth to screw my system up , as i fixed it after last time he did ...if possible a quick help would be great...i got on to transfer funds but i cant do it in recovery as i can click the links i need because they wont open in RM. Thanks in advance.