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2021-12-03, 22:11
I understand that I am probably not making this thread or submission correctly. Likewise, I am unsure of how to resolve my issue but will help if instructed. I run Kali on a Raspberry Pi 4. I have an image dated 10/6/2021 that works with Bluetooth. If I update the packages on that image, Bluetooth does not start or nor does it get loaded as a kernel module. Manually loading the kernel module or manually starting Bluetooth does not resolve this issue. My guess is that this issue is because of an updated kernel but I do not have enough expertise to know.

The packages that I think might be the problem are the following:

kalipi-kernel-headers/kali-pi 5.4.83-20211127 arm64 [upgradable from: 5.4.83-20210516]
kalipi-kernel/kali-pi 5.4.83-20211127 arm64 [upgradable from: 5.4.83-20210516]

I am going to try do to an 'apt-mark hold' for the above packages to see if that works.

In the meantime, if I am instructed on what commands to run, I will provide output from them as requested.

2022-02-05, 17:59
I am using kali-linux-2021.4-rpi-arm64.img.

If you want the internal bluetooth adapter to enable on boot:

sudo systemctl enable hciurat.service

Edit /boot/config.txt and add:


After reboot, you should be good to go.

$ bluetoothctl list
Controller DC:A6:32:61:5B:A4 kali-rpi [default]

$ rfkill
0 wlan phy0 unblocked unblocked
1 bluetooth hci0 unblocked unblocked

2022-02-25, 20:56
I am having an issue where "Failed to enable unit: unit file uart.service does not exist." My Bluetooth seems to work, as I can discover the Pi 4 with other devices, but the Pi itself cannot discover any bluetooth devices. It's quite strange.

2022-04-03, 15:57
Still problem is same , please do needful help