View Full Version : Bring Old Kali Back [A Serious Request]

2021-12-07, 23:51
Kali has very much changed since the time of BackTrack. It has now become slow, full with GUI + unnecessary softwares and features.

1] What is chromium doing in Kali? One browser was enough..
2] Why all those fancy features like background, screensavers, heavy customisations?:(
3] Default auto complete in terminal was not even needed and the commands have lost their precision. Commands like "cd downLoads" would also work.
4] Initial kali(just after backtrack) was a way cooler than this(superfast + cool terminal + lightweight live boot).

This might bring comfort for some, but this is not how kali should be. This has made the OS slow on low-end systems and taking much space on live disks.
However this might be useful to naive users, it is less useful for pentesting purposes. We already have Ubuntu for non pentesting purposes and according to me, these GUI'sh and fancy features are not required.

The only option I have now is to install and customize. I remember having many tools(apktool etc.) in the older version(back in 2014) whereas the newer versions are large and have very less tools.
I want to request the team to bring Kali to its old look and just keep it simple and straightforward OR
bring a different build for download(which will be as lightweight as backtrack for live boot) with no unnecessary things and purely made for the purpose of penetration testing.:)

I request all the old users of Kali/Backtrack and supporting users for a thought on this.