View Full Version : Chromebook questions related to VTT options

2021-12-10, 00:50
So, I've been looking at both Roll20 and Foundry for the past several days. There appears to be a movement away from roll20, based on the posts here and some of the youtube videos I've seen. So I have to ask: how friendly is Foundry to Chromebook users? They are used only by two members. Are any of you using Foundry to conduct campaigns from a Chromebook? It appears that the sw5e website's character sheet export function only works with Firefox, and the VTT enhancement suite does not operate with 'firefox for android'. Are there any alternative options for importing character sheets into Roll20 that aren't as messy? Without a compendium, I found Todd's video on making character sheets on roll 20 to be a little slow. Also, hit a snag where betteR20-5etools appears to be dead and unavailable. Sorry for the lengthy post and novice questions; this type of setup is new to me. And because I'm the most technically minded person in our group, I'll have to walk the other DMs through everything. In the worst-case situation, we'll just use Roll20 for maps and tokens, although it'd be nice if it was more organized. It would also be wonderful if someone could confirm that there are no issues with Chromebooks and Foundry. Thanks.