View Full Version : Raspberry pi and veracrypt/keepass

red poppet
2021-12-13, 17:54
Hi everybody,
This is my first post here so I hope that this is appropriate. I have had a quick search and can't find anything.

I have the latest Kali working beautifully on a raspberry pi4 8gb. I haven't been able to get veracrypt to work no matter what I do. I admit to not knowing which version to use, but I have tried the ARM versions on the veracrypt (64bit so didn't work), I have tried the 32bit legacy version and just for the **** of it have tried debian and ubuntu versions as I was fishing around.

Does anybody know if veracrypt can run in this environment?

I haven't even tried to install keepass so if anybody can advise me in this I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for any help that may be offered.