View Full Version : Where has everyone gone?

2021-12-16, 23:10
Is there a new space that everyone has gone to in order to seek help last year or so, this place seems quiet nowadays?..?

Aman Singh
2021-12-17, 10:06
tell me about this problem 4767 no numbers are showing

2021-12-17, 10:26
I thought the same thing, maybe Kali Linux is so good people don?t need information. ��

2021-12-20, 21:42
I've posted a question like 20 min ago, and I still cannot see my thread anywhere.
Maybe they've taken some time off the comps to help prepare Christmas, make dumplings - this kind of relaxing stuff ?

2021-12-21, 15:10
I ask myself the same question.

2021-12-22, 23:37
Busy using Kali to do some cool research, or helping some epic clients