View Full Version : Windows security threat detections, Legit or False?

2022-01-08, 03:50
Good Evening Everyone-

New to Kali but very interested in learning so go easy on me.

I downloaded Kali from www.kali.org a few weeks ago and installed to virtualbox. Now recently windows security has started to find threats and I wasnt sure if these are part of the kali script?







Thanks for your time

2022-01-14, 01:26
1st - Nothing to worry about!

2nd - Virtually every tool in Kali Linux is considered a threat to Windows. You need to configure Windows security to not scan the Kali Linux directory, and tell it ALLOW the Kali Linux "threats" that it already blocked.

2022-01-15, 21:38
Hey thank you kd!

Eventually thats what I did. That was after I went overboard and reinstalled Windows and Kali and had the same results. :rolleyes: