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2013-05-15, 16:39
Hi everyone,

I'm having a little trouble installing Kali using Virtualbox. I can run Kali from the DVD drive and from the ISO on my hard drive but when I try and install it onto a Virtualbox hard drive the install crashes at 31% and I get the error "Installing the system failed".

Anyone have an idea of whats going on?

2013-05-15, 17:20
How should we have any idea what's going on ? You don't even mention what ISO you use, what Arch, how you are partitioning it, the amount of space you give it or anything else ...

2013-05-15, 17:51
Sorry, I'm quite new to using Virtualbox.

Architecture: i386
Window Manager: Gnome
Image type: ISO

When creating the Virtual Machine I chose Linux as the type and Debian 32bit as the version. I set the memory size to 1024MB, then I created a new virtual hard drive as a Virtualbox Disk Image which I set to 'Dynamically allocated' and then set that to 30 GB. In the settings I set the network mode to Bridged and enabled 3D acceleration.

After booting, I chose the ISO from my desktop and then chose 'Install'. I left the domain name blank. For the partition method I chose 'Guided - use entire disk', selected the VBox hard disk which was 32.2 GB and then chose 'All filed in one partition'. Then I chose 'yes' for write changes to disk' and started the install.

The install always stops at 31% while in the 'Copying to disk' stage.

2013-05-16, 11:46
I'm not sure if this will help, but Kali does have a VMware version that is meant to be used in virtualbox.

2013-05-16, 16:25
Hi charonsecurity,

I downloaded 'kali-linux-1.0-i386-gnome-vm' but the file type doesn't seem to be recognized by Virtualbox. Is this the version you were talking about?

2013-05-16, 17:43
I'm not sure if this will help, but Kali does have a VMware version that is meant to be used in virtualbox.

I belive the member wrote he is using Virtualbox and not vmware, just an observation, sorry.

As to the error, I would suggest to check the sha1 to see the integrity of the download, then burn the dvd at the slowest speed possible. I always use "Brasero" and it works just fine. Make sure the dvd media and dvd unit is in a 100% condition.