View Full Version : How to build custom kali iso without gui

2022-02-16, 10:21
I want to build a live image of kali that boot's without gui like i am in terminal mode i modified the build packages file located in kali-config/variant-default/package-lists/kali.list.chroot to this:

# Live image
# You always want these:

# Metapackages
# You can customize the set of Kali metapackages (groups of tools) to install
# For the complete list see: https://tools.kali.org/kali-metapackages

# Graphical desktop

# Kali applications

i have successfully build the image but when i tried running it with the method suggested in the kali site ( qemu BIOS boot ) i choose live system and its stuck like a terminal waiting for input but i cant interact with it.

2022-07-16, 18:03
i think mine did the same thing when i downloaded kali linux and burned it to my usb and what fixed it was using rufus and installing it dd not os

2022-08-05, 07:14
You can install non-root Kali (now the default) without penetration tools by simply unchecking the top10 and default tools options during the default 'Graphical install' process. Deselect the 'top10' and 'default' tools to install Kali without penetration testing tools. Like Debian, Kali can be net-installed.

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