View Full Version : Intel OpenCL Drivers in historic repository

2022-02-17, 01:52
Hey there - long time reader first time poster here!

I used to always install intel-opencl-icd via apt to enable CPU GPU FPGU cracking on my built-in GPU in addition to my NVIDIA gfx1060 upon a fresh install of Kali.

sudo apt-get install intel-opencl-icd

However, intel-opencl-icd has recently (recently as in the last 3 months +) is no longer installable via apt/Kali repo.

I've managed to find it in the Debian repo's however all its dependencies are out of date and it just doesn't work - at least I can't get it to work anyway.

Intel are now working with NEO for OpenCL but I've found it not to be reliable.

my question...

is there a way I can dig out intel-opencl-icd from an old archived repo, at all?

Please help.