View Full Version : Why i can't see the tools icons

2022-02-17, 19:27
Hello ,
I have installed the latest version of Kali linux with the recommended ISO . After i have installed the metapackages everything. Installing is good but i don't see the icons of tools . I can launch tools by the termal .
I don't understand why i don't see the tools in applications ?

Thanks for help

2022-02-20, 13:05
Try this way: start and login to Kali Linux using your account or the ?root? account; open the main menu. Hover your mouse on ?System Tools,? and click on ?dconf Editor.? (After a few seconds, the dconf Editor will open. Now all you have to do is browse to the correct category and set the options); when the dconf Editor window opens, click on the plus sign next to ?org? (located in the left pane); now click the plus sign next to ?gnome.?; scroll down the list in the left pane until you reach the category ?nautilus.? When you reach it, click the plus sign next to it; from there, click on the word ?desktop.?; and final step: you will now see a bunch of desktop options appear in the right pane of the window. Now you can add or remove several other icons.

2022-03-09, 10:07
Sometimes it happens because of slow internet