View Full Version : Network config... Kali/whonix wifi... ????

2022-02-22, 00:15
I route my traffic from Kali through Whonix gateway in Virtual Box. My question is... is there a way i can enable wifi in Kali? Wifi isnt even an option in the network manager drop down. The only reason i want to enable wifi, if possible, is because i cannot use any of the wireless attack tools. thank you!

2022-03-11, 19:41
I have the same issue. I run Kali in VMware Player and would like to be able to use the wifi tools in Kali. VMware is only showing my connection as a wired connection.

I found this video and I am going to try it. https://www.***********************mIb1vkkUmDY

Fred Sheehan
2022-08-15, 21:49
In virtual machine you cannot use the hosts WiFi adapter, the virtual ethernet connection it gives you is bridged to the hosts network connection.

If you want to use WiFi with a virtual machine install, you need an external USB WiFi adapter.