View Full Version : Network config... Kali/whonix wifi... ????

2022-02-22, 00:15
I route my traffic from Kali through Whonix gateway in Virtual Box. My question is... is there a way i can enable wifi in Kali? Wifi isnt even an option in the network manager drop down. The only reason i want to enable wifi, if possible, is because i cannot use any of the wireless attack tools. thank you!

2022-03-11, 19:41
I have the same issue. I run Kali in VMware Player and would like to be able to use the wifi tools in Kali. VMware is only showing my connection as a wired connection.

I found this video and I am going to try it. https://www.***********************mIb1vkkUmDY

Fred Sheehan
2022-08-15, 21:49
In virtual machine you cannot use the hosts WiFi adapter, the virtual ethernet connection it gives you is bridged to the hosts network connection.

If you want to use WiFi with a virtual machine install, you need an external USB WiFi adapter.

2023-04-07, 07:22
To enable wifi on Kali, you need to have a supported wifi card and install the corresponding driver. You can check your wifi card with "iwconfig" command in terminal.

If your wifi card is supported and has the driver installed, but still cannot use the wireless attack tool, it may be because you have not configured the network parameters correctly or have not installed the necessary software.

You can refer to the instructions for installing and configuring the wifi card on Kali on websites specializing in network security or Kali support forums. In addition, to use the wireless attack tool, you need to have knowledge of network security and wireless technologies.