View Full Version : Need advice to build DNS spoofing tool

2022-03-07, 12:10

I'm trying to build a tool, and that brought me to Kali in general as it has a lot of built-in tools.
If I explained what I'm trying to do, would it possible to get some advices? I'm not a Linux hardcore user, so bear with me.

The current situation:

My company works with physical devices (think TVs) and we are currently using a router with an IP table script to redirect all the traffic of the devices to proxy URL (we use Charles Proxy).
Then we are writing rules to redirect URLs but this is becoming quite hard to manage.

What I would like to do:

I can set a custom DNS server on these physical devices, so my idea was to have a custom DNS to handle the re-routing with domains, so DNS spoofing basically.
The workflow:
- a physical device and a Mac Laptop on the same same network
- the laptop would run a "docker run" (custom Docker Kali image built by us), which would start a DNS Server and take a configuration file
- enter the DNS server IP in the settings of the physical devices

The config file send to Kali (via docker run) would contains which domain to redirect, for example:
- redirect all requests to "my-site.com" to this local IP instead (192.168.0.x), which the physical access to as both the laptop and the physical device are on the same network.


- The solution need to be portable (installed on laptops)
- Needs to do HTTPS redirection as well
- Any requests introspection out of the box is a massive plus, https included. We use wireshark already to debug issues, and the tools built in Kali are very attractive.

The questions:

- Would Kali be a good tool to build the DNS spoofing part? (should I be using ettercap, or something else?)
- As I need the solution to be portable, is there any of this not possible using Kali from a Docker container?
- Is there another solution that would be better or easier? (with or without Kali)

Thanks a lot of for any help / redirection
It would be greatly appreciated to hear experts on all this ;)