View Full Version : No Hibernate on laptop

2022-03-09, 18:14
i installed the latest release of Kali bare metal on my Razer Blade 13 10th gen. The standard install made only a 2 gig swap partition. With this no hibernate is possible. It worked only after making a new swap partition with a size at least as large as my RAM or larger. Could one change the installer to take care for this or at least give a message reading this? Not easy for a novice to get by. ;)

2022-03-17, 06:53
Just make a swap file. It's simple.


2022-03-30, 10:01

i do know that - thanks anyway. :) But would it not be nice to have it done with a SWAP partition with the right size right by the time you install ist? A SWAP partition gets created anyways most of the time. One could choose swap with/whithout hibernate. The Parrot OS installer does this...