View Full Version : Tool to finding simmilar char

2022-03-15, 15:30
Hi, I remember that kali have some tools to find similar char. I need this to generate blacklist list.

I put to tool a letter a and it return ascii, utf-8 char like: 𝝰 a a 𝑎 𝗮 𝕒 𝖆 𝓪 𝚊 𝞪 а ɑ α 𝔞 𝒂 𝘢 𝛂 ⍺ 𝒶 𝙖 𝜶 𝛼 𝐚 𝖺

Something like this tool: https://util.unicode.org/UnicodeJsps/confusables.jsp?a=a&r=None