View Full Version : Authentication is required to run /usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator as root

Aishwarya Selvarajan_06
2022-03-16, 17:41
I am a newbee to Kali Linux. I am using kali-linux-2021.4a-installer-amd64.iso in Oracle VM Virtual Box. I have configured Kali Linux as per the official documentation, where I was supposed to provide a password for non root user. After successful configuration, I have found 3 Terminal emulators: root terminal emulator, powershell, terminal emulator. Whenever I wanted to install using apt-get I used root terminal emulator, which prompts me for Authentication. Kali allowed this login to root terminal emulator using the non user password for few number of times and I was able to install few packages. Suddenly when I try to provide this same password, I get Authentication failure.

Now, is this the problem that the root has not been enabled? If I need to enable the root do I need to reconfigure the kali?
I have tried resetting the password by changing ro to rw and providing init=/bin/bash. But it doesn't work.

Any kind of help is appreciated.