View Full Version : Firefox Custom Config on Kali Linux (need help)

Kali Beginner
2022-03-20, 04:04
A while ago i managed to get my "custom config" for firefox running. But it was on windows, now as im getting into linux, i want to customize Firefox there aswell. (basically turn off all the built in telemtry, increase privacy etc..)

On windows what i did was to was searching opening the file-path/directory of firefox.exe. then drag and drop my own custom firefox.cfg into that directory. Next step was to drag and drop the autoconfig.js into the prefs directory.

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\pref

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox

After that i could simply start firefox with my own custom settings.

Now on Linux i am really struggling finding out what exactly i must do in order to use my own firefox cfg.
To be honest, i was trying to find out what the equivalent to an exe from windows is in linux so that i could then navigate to the main firefox directory where the "exe" is located and do same as on windows, drag and drop my custom cfg there.

So far all i could find is this: /usr/lib/firefox-esr/firefox-esr

Anyways im lost, any help is welcome.

What directory or say what filetype instead of exe am i looking for? Do i drag and drop the firefox.cfg next to the main executable same as on windows or are the steps completly different from windows? And what about the autoconfig.js, where does it go? does it go anywhere?

Added 2 screenshots showing how it works on windows.