View Full Version : Expanded phone support

2022-03-30, 00:34
I'm sure this is a common suggestion and is unrealistic given the lifecycles of modern cell phones, but I've spent a couple of days toying with nethunger on three different phones with varying degrees of success on each one. I have two of them rooted (a OP 8T, and a Pixel 4) and one not (Samsung Galaxy S20 FE) the pixel actually seems to work really well and is for the most part stable and seems very functional, but there are some tools that don't function correctly which was expected. Very happy with a phone that appears to be unsupported based on the documentation I found. The OP I had high hopes for but it is less functional. NH works and the tools are accessible from the terminal which means it's a very usable tool, but it cannot update NH, the app store doesn't seem to function properly when given the privileged extension, and the NH app itself is unstable and crashes on opening. The FE is running rootless and that seems fine with the obvious exception of the limits to it's functionality.

All that aside, I'm really loving the flexibility and the mobility that this platform provides. I truly believe it to be the future of pen testing and EH in general as phones become more powerful. My suggestion is that whoever has the power of pen to get more developers working to write kernels and software for newer more powerful devices should do so. With NH running on my phone(s) the laptop now seems too conspicuous and a bit unnecessary given the scanning flexibility from apps already available in Android, and the exploitation tools in NH. We just need support for more modern devices and we're off to the races.